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First House on Mars will be Made from Bioplastics

NASA approves plans from US Research studio to build a 3D printed house made from bioplastics for planet Mars.

The Marsha Project was proposed by research firm AI SpaceFactory as part of NASA’s 3D printed Habitat Challenge.

NASA and its partners are holding a $2.5 million competition to build a 3-D printed habitat for deep space exploration, including the agency’s journey to Mars (Read more).

NASA liked AI SpaceFactory’s plans very much and asked the architecture studio to build a prototype.

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The house will be 3D printed using a static construction rover and materials from the surface of Mars including bioplastics and basalt.

The house has 4 levels: a wet lab on the lower level, a kitchen and dry lab above, and the top floors reserved for recreation.

The bedrooms will be semi enclosed sleeping pods.

Light will come in from water-filled skylight caps above.

bioplastics house on mars

One of the most important challenges and differences between Earth and Mars is the pressure. The pressure is external on Earth while the pressure is internal on Mars. Metaphorically speaking, on Earth pressure is like at the bottom of the pool, it wants to get in. Pressure is like in a shaken can of soda on Mars, pressure wants to get out. This is why the house will have the shape of a can.

house made from bioplastics

bioplastics house on mars

rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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