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A Bioplastics Revolution – The First Biogenic Packaging

The first fruit and biogenic packaging to be grown into a 3D printed mould.

Architect Jun Aizaki grew a fruit into a mould with the form of a cup and it worked. This is a bioplastics milestone.

The biodegradable coffee cup was made with a gourd and a 3D-printed mould. A gourd is a plant of the family Cucurbitaceae. The term refers to a number of species and subspecies, many with hard shells, and some without.

bioplastics from fruit

Architect Jun Aizaki, founder of Brooklyn-based design firm CRÈME was looking for a sustainable solution to replace single use plastic cups. He tested with rice paper but settled with gourds.

Aizaki said:

“I kept thinking about biodegradable materials. Gourds have been used as vessels in Asia and South America for centuries. “Each piece is different, almost like a collector’s item.”

The method is still being refined; currently, only about half of each harvest can produce viable containers because many gourds either rot during the drying process or won’t grow properly in the moulds.

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bioplastics made from vegetables gourd

gourd bioplastics 3D moulded


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