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Ecozen HF to Disrupt PET Market

South Korea-based company SK Chemicals launches a new bio-copolyester, Ecozen HF, that could revolutionise the PET market.

Ecozen HF is a replacement material for aluminium, PET and glass wherever heat and pressure resistance combined with transparency is required.

The material is suitable for aerosol, cosmetic and hot-fill applications. ECOZEN HF is fully miscible with PET in the recycling stream.

Ecozen HF perform better in areas where PET will sometimes fail, such as in high temperature and high pressure applications.

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François Minec, General Manager at VELOX, said:

“ECOZEN HF has similar processing requirements to PET and can be used in the same injection-stretch blow moulding (ISBM) process.

ECOZEN HF as Food Packaging

Ecozen HF is lighter than glass and will be have lower transportation costs.

Ecozen can also be used to produce hot-fill containers without the need for a PET heat-setting process or the need for crystallising the bottle or jar neck.

ECOZEN HF as Cosmetics Packaging

Ecozen HF can replace aluminium in the cosmetics packaging industry.  It combines high pressure-resistance with design flexibility and transparency.

ECOZEN HF distribution

VELOX will distribute the new range in nearly all European countries.

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