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Will the Barbara Project Save the Spanish Bioplastics Industry?

BARBARA is a research project launched in May 2017 aimed at developing new bio-based materials with innovative functionalities.

The project will last 36 month and will have a budget of 2.7 million €. It is funded by the EU (European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020) and it unites 11 partners from Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.

BARBARA means Biopolymers with Advanced functionalities foR Building and Automotive paRts processed through Additive manufacturing.

The aim of BARBARA will be to develop functional prototypes made from farming waste and by-products for the construction and automotive sectors. The European Union generates 110 million tonnes of animal and vegetal waste per year, 30% of it coming from the agricultural, hunting and forestry sectors.

Two bio-polyesters and two bio-polyamides with mechanical and structural characteristics for thermal resistance and aesthetic properties will be created. Polysaccharides will be extracted from corn and bio-functional molecules (natural dyes, essential oils, antimicrobial molecules and reinforcement agents) will be obtained from  pomegranate, lemon, broccoli and almond shells.

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