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Four Companies Hit the Jackpot in Major Food Packaging Breakthrough

Eurotech Extrusion Machinery, NatureWorks, Nippon Gohsei and Sukano have successfully processed a multilayer transparent bio-based barrier film. This is a giant leap for the PLA and food packaging sector.

Multilayer plastic packaging are great in terms of design and user experience. However, their biggest weakness is that they cannot be recycled or composted at the end of life.

This new invention, a bio-based compostable coextruded barrier film, solves this problem and will lead to a revolution in the food packaging sector.

It will enable the replacement of the currently used aluminised and metalised OPP and OPET that can only be incinerated at the end of life.

This innovation will give packaging manufacturers a (1) biobased (2) recyclable and (3) compostable replacement for conventional fossil fuel-based structures in food packaging.

Once this new technology is proven to be easily printable on high speed presses and adaptable to high speed packaging machines, it will become a major blockbuster.

NatureWorks pulls a wild card and hits a royal flush on the river just a few months before Total Corbion start operating their new PLA plant in Thailand.

NatureWorks could have probably claimed the credit for this groundbreaking innovation but decided to share the celebration with other companies as it’s more important to build bridges and alliances at this point in time.

The future will tell if NatureWorks  single handedly solved the plastic waste problem and sent us straight into the Golden Age of PLA.

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