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Covestro wins German Government Award

Covestro receives award from German Government for making bioplastics from aniline and making it's operations more sustainable.

Coverstro received the industry award ‘Excellent Landmarks in the Land of Ideas’ for the process it had developed with its partners: Bayer, CAT Catalytic Center and the University of Stuttgart.

The team’s innovation will enable the production of a plastic derived from plant-based materials. It will enable the replacement of traditional crude oil derived materials by using the organic compound aniline – a newly developed process that produces the sustainable material.

Covestro Group CEO, Markus Steilemann, said:

“This success with bioaniline is also clearly a joint effort and shows how important and useful cooperation in chemistry and industry as a whole is.”

The research project on bio-based aniline will receive funding by a project agency of the Germany Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture called the Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.

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