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5th PLA World Congress #5PLA

Follow us live at the 5th PLA World Congress in Munich starting Tuesday 29 May at 9.00 am #5PLA

Michael Thielen, Polymedia Publisher Welcome Remarks

Katrin Schwede, European Bioplastics Drivers and challenges of a dynamic market development of bioplastics in Europe

katrin schwede european bioplastics

PLA world congress

PLA world congress

PLA world congress

PLA world congress

Michael Carus, nova-Institute The role of PLA in the Bio-based Economy

PLA world congress

PLA world congress

Stefano Cavallo, NatureWorks Innovation meets circular economy

Hugo Vuurens, Total-Corbion PLA Introducing new products and new 75 KT PLA capacity in 2018

PLA World Congress

PLA World Congress

Alex Battu, Sulzer Chemtech From an idea to an industrial scale PLA production plant

Rutger Knoop, Wageningen Food and Biobased Research High impact Polylactic acid


Nikolaos Kassos, Floreon The Evolution of PLA Bioplastic Compounds


Panel discussion

PLA World Congress

Emanuela Bardi, Taghleef Industries Expanding the possibilities of PLA based flexible films


PLA World Congress

Antje Lieske, Fraunhofer IAP Feedstock Recycling of PLA – Approaches to a new Recycling route

PLA World Congress


Tanja Fell, Fraunhofer IVV Present and potential future recycling of PLA waste


Tal Shapira, 3PLW Transform food waste into PLA bioplastic (t.b.c.)



PLA World Congress

Remy Jongboom, Biotec Flexible application of PLA

David Grewell, Center for Bioplastics & Biocomposites Ultrasonic welding of PLA


Panel Discussion , PLA market development: chances, obstacles and challenges (t.b.c.)

Patrick Gerritsen, Bio4Pack World’s first fully compostable and renewable meat packaging



Chris Schaefer, Sidaplax A new sealant for flexible packaging


Lien Van der Schueren, Centexbel Biobased self-reinforced composites enabled by high stiffness PLA yarns

PLA World Congress

Florian Graichen, Scion Scion’s advances in PLA process and application development




Samira Benali, Univ. Mons Melt-processed polylactide/starch nanoplatelet using supramolecular strategy : Preparation and characterization

Shilpa Manjure northern technologies

Shilpa Manjure, Northern Technologies Learnings from Injection Molding of PLA”

Marco Neudecker, IfBB Advanced data for injection moulding of PLA

Karsten Schulz, Omya International Calcium Carbonate opens new opportunities for the use of Polylactic Acid

PLA World Congress

Arjan Klapwijk, Bio4Life PLA for self-adhesive applications

PLA World Congress

Sandra Viamonte-Aristizábal, AIMPLAS Synthesis and modification of PLA by reactive extrusion process

PLA World Congress

Svenja Murillo Castellon, Institut f. Kunststofftechnik, Stuttgart Commercial PLA modified for extrusion foaming

PLA World Congress

Nopadol Suanprasert, Global Biopolymers PLA Applications in Agricultures: Experiences from Thailand

PLA World Congress

Michael Thielen, Polymedia Publisher, Polymedia Publisher Closing remarks

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