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Arctic Biomaterials Wins Prestigious Innovation Award Biobased Material of the Year

Arctic Biomaterials won the Innovation Award 2018 "Biobased Material of the Year" during the International Conference on Bio-Based Materials held in Cologne on May the 15th and 16th.

Arctic Biomaterials from Finland won the prestigious Innovation Award – Biobased Material of the year with a degradable glass fibre reinforced PLA called ArcBioxTM BGF30-B1.

This material is a revolutionary innovation.  This innovation makes it possible for bio-based plastics to be used in technically demanding durable applications and still have the option of compostability at the end of life. It will erode back to harmless minerals in composting environment.

The competition was very high and international. Companies came from Spain, USA, Germany, Belgium and Finland. US was strongly represented and many thought that Americans were going to win ….again… but Finland seems to have disclosed their best kept secret with Arctic Biomaterials‘ innovation.

The nominated companies and products were:

  • ARCTIC BIOMATERIALS (FI): PLA reinforced with degradable glass fibre
  • AIMPLAS (ES): Bio-based and biodegradable nets for green beans
  • BORREGAARD (NO): Exilva – World’s first commercial cellulose fibril
  • CARDOLITE Corporation (BE): Cashew nutshell residual-based blocking agent
  • RHENOFLEX (DE): Rx 35 – rice husk filled, thermoplastic material
  • OHIO SOYBEAN COUNCIL, collaborating with Roof Revivers (US): Roof Maxx – Soybean-based roof material sealer

All the nominated materials were truly innovating and deserved a price but Arctic Biomaterials seems to have pave the way for a new gold rush. The breakthrough will probably happen in consumer electronics.

Tomi Kangas, Sales and Maketing Director at Arctic Biomaterials made the following statement:

We are very proud to receive this prize and acknowledgement. Our material will enable sustainable solutions for technical and durable plastic applications. The main advantages of our material is that it offers more end-of-life options (eg compostability) and helps to reduce significantly the carbon footprint of the product.

ArcBiox BGF30-B1 is based on PLA (polylactic acid) but our technology can also reinforce other biopolymers such as PBS that has gained great interest from the market. We apply ourselves to offer materials and technology that meet our customer’s requirements. 

We offer value to our customers through our innovating materials and technology. We invite all interested companies to contact us to see how we can help them increase their sustainability.


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