Toys Made of Bioplastics

Danish Toymaker Dantoy will bring toys made of bioplastics to the market by the end of April 2018. Scandinavian countries are becoming a leading force in the bioplastics industry.

This announcement comes after competitor toy maker Lego made a similar move by producing bioplastics toys such as plants and trees with sugarcane-sourced PE. Most of Dantoy toys are made form PE and PP.

Dantoy CEO Matthiasen explained that pre-tax profit of 2017 was much lower than in 2016 because the company invested in new machinery.

The first toys made from bioplastics will be plates, cutlery and tractors with tilting ladder and would be available on store shelves from April. The Danish toy manufacturer is producing seven products made of bioplastics and plans to expand this in the future.

Dantoy has been around for 30 years and is selling toys in 50 countries, with Germany as leading market.

Scandinavian countries seem to be more innovative than the rest of their European counterparts. Scandinavian businesses are thriving and leading the way in many areas. The impact of Scandinavian countries on Europe and the rest of the world has never been this big. We may call this the Scandinavian century.


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