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World Bio Markets Awards 2018

The winners will be announced on Tuesday March 20th at the World Bio Markets in Amsterdam. There are 4 categories:

Bio-Based Product of the Year Award

A product currently available to purchase that is derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials and provides an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products.


Markus Mannström, Executive Vice President of the Stora Enso Biomaterials division, says, “We are delighted that LineoTM has been recognised as an innovative, important bio-based product. Made from lignin, an abundant product and one of the main building blocks of a tree, LineoTM is a step on the way to replacing petro-based products with renewable solutions. As we say at Stora Enso, “everything made from fossil-based materials today, can be made from a tree tomorrow” and it is wonderful that this is being recognised by key industry representatives.”

The finalists of the “Bio-Based Product of the Year Award” were:

world bio markets awards 2018

world bio markets awards 2018

Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year Award

An innovation involving a platform or intermediate chemicals derived from biomass feedstocks, used to produce other chemicals. It can be a breakthrough development, a new method of production, a smarter development or a new technique.


Chad Joshi, of Advonex, “Advonex would like to thank Bio-Based World News for awarding Advonex with “Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year 2018. Our electrochemical synthesis technology is a unique approach to making renewable chemicals that heretofore could only be derived from petroleum. With this recognition and thank to the excellent conference hosted by Bio-Based World News, Advonex is poise to launch its products into the European and global markets.”

The finalists of the “Bio-based Chemical Innovation of the Year Award” were:

  • Advonex – Hydrocarbon ingredients (WINNER)
  • Beta Process Bioenergy – Biomass processing, using complete sugar beets (2nd place)

world bio markets awards 2018

world bio markets awards 2018


Best Use of Alternative Feedstocks Award

Using alternative feedstocks is normally more than just changing the raw materials. It can require new supply and preparation infrastructure, fresh growing and harvesting techniques, new chemical processing technologies or access to new partnerships.


Anton de Vries, Corporate Director at Enerkem said on receiving the award: “We are very pleased and proud to be the Award Winner of Best Use of Alternative Feedstocks. We have come a very long way from Waste-to-Chemicals technology development to commercial deployment stage today. It is now ready to make a substantial contribution to eliminate a global waste issue and at the same time making a substantial contribution to GHG savings”

The finalists of the “Best Use of Alternative Feedstock Award” were:

  • Argent Energy – Fatbergs to biodiesel

world bio markets awards 2018

  • Enerkem – Non-recyclable waste converted into fuels and chemicals

world bio markets awards 2018

world bio markets awards 2018

  • Ÿnsect – Insect meal as an alternative feedstock

world bio markets awards 2018

Bio-based Industry Story of the Year 2018


“We are extremely proud to be receiving this award”, said Paolo Corvo, Head of Sales & Marketing, Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives at Clariant. “The collaboration with Enviral marks Clariant’s official entrance into the cellulosic ethanol market and the award confirms that the industry recognizes the immense potential of our sunliquid technology.”

  • Bio-bean’s collaboration with Caffè Nero could help power homes and cars in the future
  • Bio-on’s new €15m bioplastics plant in Italy to help the fight against microbeads.
  • Clariant and Enviral sign first license agreement on the sunliquid technology for a new full-scale commercial cellulosic ethanol plant.

world bio markets awards 2018

world bio markets awards 2018

The independent judging panel

  • Marcel van Berkel, CEO VanBerkel Consultancy.
  • Bridgett Luther, Co-Founder, The Disruptive Factory, founder Cradle to Cradle
  • Products Innovation Institute.
  • Duncan MacLeod, Former CEO, Iogen.
  • Melanie Williams, Director, Melanie Williams Consulting.
  • Jeff Passmore, Founder and CEO at Passmore Group Inca.
  • Adam Lusby, Founder, CE Optimal.
  • Lawrence Sullivan, Adjunct Professor, the Citadel.

Awards convener

world bio markets awards 2018


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