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From Renewable Feedstock to Bio-based Solutions – by Lars Börger

Neste, 12bn€ turnover and 5000 employees in 15 countries, has started its migration out of big oil . The largest shareholder is still the Finnish state with a 50,1% stake.

Neste wants to be a key contributor to a decarbonized society, focusing particularly on transports with renewable fuels like biodiesel and bio-propane which the company has pioneered.

It is currently operating the world’s first renewable diesel refinery in Porvoo, the other two are in Rotterdam and Singapore.

Circular Economy: Neste has processed 2.2 million tons of animal fat and plant oil residues in 2016.

Those form 80% of the production inputs for the company renewable biodiesel production.

Certified palm oil makes-up the rest.

Neste relies on strong partnerships down the value chain to get their bio-products to meet application requirements of the end users.

They are now embarking into the development of plant oil based plastics in order to valorize the by-products of their biodiesel crackers.

Worth noting : their hydrogenation process produces propane as by-product which can be used as such for energy, and not glycerol like the most current biodiesel refining processes.

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