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Once again the Association Chimie Du Végétal (ACDV) and Infopro Digital have combined their expertise in plant-based chemistry to organise next Plant Based Summit from 8 to 10 April 2015 at Lille Grand Palais. This major european conference which brings together over 75 exhibitors and 100 professional conference speakersfrom the bio- economy sector provides industry players an opportunity to inform, communicate and exchange on innovation, co-development, and the operational implementation of the deployment of bio-based products.

The rapidly growing green and sustainable plant-based chemistry industry has entered an accelerating commercial development phase and increasing reputation. In April 2015, Plant Based Summit will be the opportunity to bring together decision makers from markets already well aware of the utility of plant-based chemistry as well as those representing new application markets still discovering the benefits of bio-based products. It will be another opportunity to mobilise decision makers to help build the future of this promising industry and bring new solutions based on plant-based chemistry to a number of downstream markets.

Plant-based chemistry is at the heart of the bio-economy and a source of development of innovative biomass solutions. They are also currently an essential link in the global chemical industry and multiple application sectors (construction, cosmetics, packaging, transport, energy, etc.).

This industry will create new trades (32 strategic trades identified to support the development of the industry*) and jobs in the coming years and advocates for the necessity of establishing a real economic strategy around its actions and specifically intended for its industrial development. This conference will contribute to fuelling current and future thinking.

Plant Based Summit venue in the heart of the plant-based chemistry industry region of France

By organising the third event in Lille, Association Chimie Du Végetal’s intention is to position the event in the heart of one of France’s leading regions in the use of biomass which is also close to the most dynamic european bio-based production countries: Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, and The Netherlands. Nord-Pas de Calais ranks among the most dynamic French regions in the field, along with Picardie and Champagne-Ardenne, through its industries, its competitiveness clusters, and, of course, its agriculture.

* (Source: Study “What are the core activities for plant-based chemistry and industrial biotechnologies?” conducted by the IAR (Industries & Agro-Ressources) competitiveness cluster and the UIC (Chemical Industry Union) of Picardie/Champagne-Ardenne in partnership with the APEC (French Association for Executive Employment) in October 2014, content/uploads/downloads/2014/10/ETUDE_chimieduvegetal.pdf)The Plant Based Summit, the largest european conference and exhibition on bio-sourced products.

Holding a conference and an exhibition together has already proven its ability to attract and bring together decision makers. In 2013, 550 professionals had the opportunity to discover the activities of 51 exhibitors producing and using plant-based chemistry and to listen to the hundred speakers during conferences.

With this dual technological and commercial approach, The Plant Based Summit offers a comprehensive event intended for three types of participants:

  • Bio-economy stakeholders (institutions, think tanks, research, consultancy, capital- investment, etc.)
  • Bio-based product manufacturers (Agro-Industry, chemicals, etc.) and their distributors
  • Downstream manufacturing market (construction, cosmetics, packaging, transport, energy, etc.)The Association Chimie du Végétal (ACDV) and its european partners have already succeeded in creating the only european event exclusively dedicated to bio-based products during which the agro-industry, chemists, and application market manufacturers can discuss their specific issues regarding processes, new materials, innovative solutions, etc.PBS in figures!4 plenary conferences held by experts in their field discussing key points of deployment of the industry: (cf programme p5)
  • Development of bio-economy abroad
  • Open innovation to accelerate time-to-market
  • Public strategies and support for innovation in Europe
  • Round table with corporate heads to discuss prospects for the sector. 16 thematic conferences on: (cf programme p6)
  • Prospects for the sector, background and current issues: industrial competitiveness and renaissance, upstream role of farming, sustainability, and innovation funding
  • Chemical intermediates and flagship materials: practices for the development and marketing of new bio-sourced compounds and materials
  • Process innovation: new engineering technologies, cellulosic sugar production, future technologies and structure of industries through public-private partnerships
  • Promising application markets and sectors: construction, surface treatment & solvents, detergents and cosmetics, and packaging.View the full programme on
    Over 100 leading conference speakers will share their expertise, convictions, and strategies of their home countries (Brazil, USA, Canada, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Holland, and Belgium). In 2015, Bernardo Gradin, Managing Director of GRANBIO, Dr Carsten Sieden, deputy Managing Director of BASF, John Persenda, Chairman and Managing Director of

SPHERE, Tom Van Aken, Managing Director of AVANTIUM, and many others will be present at PBS.

Over 75 exhibitors, representing the entire plant-based chemistry industry, including:

  • Agricultural cooperatives and commodity trading companies
  • Agro-industry
  • Engineering, consultancy, and financing firms
  • Equipment providers
  • Chemical companies and bio-based product manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Political and public institutions
  • Associations and competitiveness clusters700 trade visitors/auditors are expected at this year’s event which is a meeting point between bio-economy stakeholders and downstream market industries (construction, cosmetics, packaging, transport, energy, etc.).Technical visits have been organised for the participants on 10 April* including that of the Roquette Frères’s industrial site in Lestrem.*visits dedicated for the press may be organised another day. For more information, please contact us.About PBS:

    To accelerate bio-source market development, it aims to:

  • lead all stakeholders to integrating, sharing, and optimising bio-based product supply
  • accelerate transition from the demonstration phase to the mass production and marketing phase
  • explore application possibilities (industrial formulation, packaging, bio-ingredients, bio-plastics, etc.) togetherThese are all technological, economic, environmental, and social issues for all stakeholders in the value chain which must work together to boost their ecosystem.During the Plant Based Summit 2015, each plant-based chemistry stakeholder will be able to further their thinking, identify best practices, technologies, and initiatives, meet partners, customers, or prospects, suppliers, etc. face-to-face regardless of the stage of completion of their project or activity. Thus armed, everyone will be able to take the decision-making plunge and contribute to the bio-economy’s growthFind out more on www.plantbasedsummit.comAbout the Association Chimie du Végétal

    The Association Chimie du Végétal (ACDV) is a French association which aims to support and accelerate the development of plant-based chemistry in France and Europe. Five members were at the origin of the creation of this association in late 2007 which was a world first: the French Association of Chemical Industries (UIC), the Union of Producers of Starch Products and Starch Derivatives (USIPA) which represents starch manufacturers, the manufacturers Solvay and Roquette, and the competitiveness cluster “Industries & Agro-Resources” (IAR).

The association is unique (multi-actor, multi-sector) and dedicated to accelerating the industrial development of plant-derived chemicals. It has some fifty members who are mostly major stakeholders in their industry and the interests of agriculture and forestry are also represented. The Association Chimie Du Végétal’s mission is to promote industry stakeholders and represent them in dealings with the public authorities, including contributing to changes in the regulations. It brings together the various stakeholders responsible for bio-based product innovation and creates a favourable environment for the industrial development of these products.

In just seven years, the five expert groups composed of volunteer Association Chimie du Végétal members have already produced concrete evidence benefiting the entire industry of which the bio-based indicator is a prime example.


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